Payroll and HR


Maintain employee information for both Human Resources and Payroll. No duplicate keying. Easy reporting and integration. Vacation time, sick time, personal time, leave of absence, accrued service and support for union and multiple departments - Multiple bank accounts for direct deposit support, tax exemptions and credits at Federal and State levels plus automated time card generation. Support for both hourly and salary employees with default standard and overtime rates and/or annual salary settings.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports out of state employees, and employees split across two departments
  • Supports up to four types of pay cycles
  • Tracks sick time, vacation, leaves, service time, default hours, earnings history, individual pay limits and rates
  • Supports electronic fund transfers, 1st and 2nd Accounts
  • Default list of payroll calculations, and job titles
  • Automated and individual time card entry
  • Pay calculation for: single employee, user-defined pay group, special one-time pay group, or bonus pay run
  • Individual employee pay calculation methods
  • Support for unlimited number of pay calculations
  • Flexible user-defined pay calculation methods (PACs) using database aware BASIC-like programming language
  • Pay calculations can be tracked for reporting purposes only
  • Specific employee override amounts or transaction accounts
  • Two-stage payroll with pre-payment register for approval, cancels, and reconciliation
  • Manually override any pay calculation prior to check printing
  • Manual checks, reversals, reissues
  • User-definable paycheck format
  • With optional laser printer overlays
  • Establish individual pay limits, federal, state, local tax rates, and direct deposits accounts
  • Enter time cards, indicating sick time, vacation
  • Electronic documents for the IRS to Summarize W2 Reporting
  • Electronic feeds for Payment, Garnish, Taxes

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    Personnel Reports:

  • Overtime hours summary
  • Employee listing
  • Employee seniority listing
  • Salary review schedule
  • Sick time exception
  • Vacation schedule
  • New hire employee report
  • Union scale upgrade alert

  • Accounting Reports

  • G/L transaction summary
  • Year to date earnings journal
  • Earnings and tax journal
  • Quarterly taxable wages journal
  • Employee deductions
  • Pay action code history
  • Paid Union dues
  • Company pension

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