Display Advertising

Booking Ads is Fast

The Newzware Java 7.0 Display Ad Booking System is the complete solution for all ad booking, scheduling and billing for your publications. Its new simplified user interface allows fast and accurate ad insertion with rapid queries of all contact and financial data. From the most complex contract rating schedule to simple rate card ad bookings, Newzware has every feature desired by today's modern media organization and room to grow. As the publishing industry evolves, Newzware is at the ready.

Our System, Your Unlimited Option

An integrated Newzware business system tracks the Advertiser across multiple applications including Circulation, Classified and Financial software. You can enhance customer service by:

  • Organize default settings for each customer so that ad placement preferences and tear sheet requirements are recognized and delivered
  • Assign industry codes to accounts
  • Identify assigned sales representatives for each advertiser, publication, agency and contract
  • Organize and centralize unlimited demographic information for each advertiser, group or agency with the Newzware Extensions Module

  • Multiple Publications...Platforms...No Problem

    Newzware Advertising System provides simple and accurate placement of Display advertising into multiple publications, print and digital, with calendar views so your Ad Reps can strategically develop campaigns along with the advertiser or agency. Like any Advertising system worth its salt, we can:

    Manage the complexity of multiple runs, combination ads, brands and Industry code. Position requests and color requirements are tracked right through production. Even that pesky shared commission is no problem.

    Accurate ad pricing through:

  • Size of Ad, modular or custom sized
  • Ad Position
  • Section request
  • National or Local Customer

  • Complete Sales Rep access to system or reduced set of functionality based on log in identification

    Ad reports are scheduled and disbursed without manual intervention and delivered internally or externally based on your security requirements.

    Making the Complex, Simple

    Rating systems can evolve into a complexity that mirrors the history of a valued advertiser and Newzware respects that relationship. It should not restrict you from common tasks such as rate adjustments and contract negotiations. Every Newzware system installed provides each Publication the flexibility to perform in a fashion that formulates success.
  • Unlimited number of rate cards
  • Each rate card can have an effective dates so adjustments can be planned well into the future
  • Manage multiple contracts and track discounts applied
  • Create defaults for each Advertiser
  • Bill daily or on demand
  • Apply adjustments where needed
  • Audit every manual transaction for accountability and training.

  • When integrated with Newzware Classified, Ad Tracking and Ad Layout applications, your workflow is streamlined to perfection. Add in our Management Console and your managers can literally watch the publication being built in real time all through a secure browser interface. Now that?s stretching the efficiency curve. Discover more...