Ad Layout

Ad Layout is the page-planning tool to produce tight and visually pleasing editions in record time. Ad Layout supports complex booking requests to satisfy even the most demanding advertiser. Left or right-hand page requests, ad groupings, not near requirements and more are all considered by the advanced placement engine.


Fully integrated with the Newzware 7.0 Advertising Suite, Ad Layout updates the database in real time to allow your production, editorial and accounting departments instant access to ad position. Indeed, Newzware/Pongrass Ad Layout, Production, Editorial and Accounting systems share the same advertising database for the ultimate in integration.


Ad Layout is available as a stand-alone application for integration with other vendor systems. Support for Layout 8000 interface files (and others) allow instant connectivity with virtually every Advertising and Editorial system currently in use. Ad Layout is bundled with a suite of maintenance utilities and management reports, and features full database support.

Ease of use

The operator can easily move ads by click and drag with the mouse. Ad Layout warns the operator when a color ad is moved to a conflicting page. The operator can also bring up reports on ad depth booked and the revenue for each section. Late ads are also a snap to incorporate into an edition, via the Incremental Auto dummy feature. Ad Layout allows you to top or bottom align ads with any other ad on the page with a single click.

Comprehensive Zoning

Zone ads can be dummied, un-dummied, and moved like any other ads but are restricted to placement on pages in the correct zones. Trying to dummy a zone ad on a full run page or incorrect zone will activate a warning, which you can manually override. Auto dummy will only dummy zone ads on their requested zone pages.

Editorial Support

Ad Layout exports directly into the Pongrass Editorial System. Ads then automatically appear on the page, as completed ads or as dummies in real time. Export to other editorial systems including Quark XPress and InDesign is also available.

Late Changes

Late ads and edition resizing are easy. Now you can perform a trial dummy well in advance of publication date with ease.

Rolling Dummy

Interaction between Ad Booking and Ad Layout is now possible through the common database. Ads can be booked direct to a position with 100 per cent certainty and the page dummy can be built up progressively through the billing cycle.


  • Automatic layout of ads in sections, whole editions or multi zoned editions
  • Industry Standard Interface
  • Database integrated or stand-alone
  • Incremental auto dummy for simple addition of late ads
  • Direct interface to Quark XTension or InDesign
  • Flexible Edition Resizing
  • Handles Complex Ad Booking Requirements
  • Built-in Reporting and Statistical Functions

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