Ad Tracking

Newzware/Pongrass Ad Tracking is the production control center for your display ad and graphics workstations. It addresses the most pressing need of production, organizing the chaos of jobs, text and graphics files on the system.

Control your Files

Recalling active data can be a nightmare. Where is the ad to be found? Which is current among the versions? Where are those scans? Purging the system without a database is risky. Which version can be thrown out? Do several customers share the graphic? Is the graphic you throw out today needed for tonight's edition?

Integrated with Newzware ad booking, Pongrass Ad Tracking means: no wasted time, or needlessly duplicated tasks. Ad Tracking picks up new booked ads, and any scan or text plus the latest version of the ad will be automatically associated with the ad booking.

Control your Graphics

Finding ad graphics becomes a simple screen query. Files can now be safely purged or archived: the system knows expiry dates and usage.

Management Reporting

Up to the minute status reports or queries are available any time from any connected workstation. Indeed using ODBC compliant tools such as Crystal Reports or InfoMaker, custom reports can be easily generated.

Graphics and Logos

Commonly used graphics and logos are held in the database and are comprehensively indexed by customer, type, size, classification, etc. The graphics database is shared with the Newzware Classified Ad and ROP booking modules.

Automated Production Processes

It's amazing how much work is done ?behind the scenes? by your staff to keep the production area flowing smoothly. The processes of managing folders (disk storage), purging, archiving, EPS generation, PDF generation, sending proofs to customers and managing user production takes serious time.

Wide Area Capable

Ad Tracking supports a central and distributed production process. Sites can use a central database allowing distributed production of display ads to flow to a central production site over a Wide Area Network, all under the control of a central Ad Tracking database.


The new Pongrass Ad Maker Client (PAM) now provides integration with InDesign , Quark XPress and other ad building applications. Our XPT Technology (Cross Platform Toolkit) provides support for Quark XPress (6.5 ), InDesign ( CS2 ) on Windows or Macintosh.


  • Complete control of display ads
  • Tracking of all ad elements.
  • Easy recalling of active data
  • Automatic purging and archiving
  • Up to the minute status reports
  • Easy to generate custom reports
  • Automatic Internet Ads
  • Wide Area Capabilities
  • The Tracking palette displays all ad text and graphic components
  • Ad size and name direct from database
  • Auto flow of graphics and text
  • Auto resizing of text boxes
  • Create starbursts on the fly
  • Discover more...

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