Accounts Payable

The Newzware Accounts Payable system manages all suppliers and their invoices. Coupled with the Newzware Circulation system, independent contractors can be paid by Direct deposit or through checks based on parameters set in Circulation and issued 1099 forms through A/P. Reconciliation of all checking accounts is a snap with a full and descriptive audit trail for each transaction.

Supplier payments are kept by year of payment for easy reporting and payments can be consolidated or separate with default invoice amount distributions. You can optionally hold payments from certain suppliers or discreet invoices. Discounts are automatically applied where appropriate. All payment previews are non-destructive.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible invoice payment through Direct Deposit or on user-defined check stock including plain paper with MICR print fonts
  • Supplier payments kept by year, for reporting purposes
  • Consolidated or separate payments, with default invoice amount distributions
  • Optionally hold payments from certain suppliers or invoices
  • Unlimited credit notes and invoices per supplier
  • Automatic or manual invoice numbering
  • Automated payment date and terms with manual override
  • Supports recurring invoices, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  • Discounts automatically applied where appropriate
  • Non-destructive payment preview
  • System Administration schemes for error log, lock file and maintenance of report structures
  • Application of credit notes automatically or to specific invoice
  • Invoice payment through any date range
  • Ability to cancel payments, reprint or reissue checks
  • Manual payment entry support
  • Bank reconciliation using range of payment numbers

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