News Editing Software

The next generation of news editing software is here with News Editor Version 6. Using a standard web browser, News Editor is the optimum solution for the newsroom or remote reporting worldwide. Like other components in the Newzware Newspaper Business System, News Editor fully integrates with the Newzware Database. This database centric approach allows for extreme flexibility and more importantly, accountability. (Discover more... )
Editorial 1

Editorial Tracking System

An Editorial System with the accent on simplicity and performance. Easy to install and easy to maintain, a system to suit InDesign users from the smallest workgroup to the largest enterprise system, Pongrass Editorial Tracking manages every element of the page production process. PEPL is the unique application that connects Adobe InDesign to the database. PEPL loads all the ads for an issue in a single operation. Ads can be loaded before they are produced, and on final production will automatically appear on the correct page, printable and fully previewed. Late ads and moved ads are handled automatically. (Discover more...)

Editorial Archiving System

You worked hard on those stories and you don't want them to be lost forever. With the Editorial Data Archiving and Warehouse facility, these pearls for today will be gems in the future as you research and recover previous issue content. Pictures, text and story elements are exported and registered in the archive. PDF pages are linked to the associated page elements. Recover at will with powerful search capabilities. (Discover more...)
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