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Newzware Support

We understand business. You understand your business. As your software solutions partner, we not only look after your Newzware investment through on-going maintenance but stand ready to provide easy, quick and comprehensive solutions to industry problems when they arise. We are dedicated to our customers and their success. Our approach is simple. If you have a concern, please call or email and talk with a support engineer. There are no premium tiers of support. We only know of one way to treat a customer and that is to the best of our ability. How can we assist you today?

Newzware System Upgrades (Maintenance)

Outside of industry standards or some third party applications and their possible influence on the applications marketed by ICANON, all upgrades are complimentary to maintenance customers. In the event there is a major version release, such as the recent 7.0 upgrade, we may ask for compensation for data migration and application upgrade training. Otherwise, all other upgrades are automatic and performed each time you log on to the system...free of charge.

Hosted Applications (SaaS)

In 2010, the Newzware suite of software products became available as a hosted software as service (SaaS) application. Newzware SaaS provides reduced operations cost, quick implementation, timely application of products, and the immeasurable security of a 100% up time data center environment. Your publishing company can respond rapidly to the changing demands of 21st century publishing without large capital investments. You can add online infrastructure, software and services as demand presents opportunity and manage expenses while boosting ROI. Features include:

  • Automatic Newzware application updates - never  a legacy software concern
  • Hardware, Middleware and Operating system upgrades as needed
  • Secure, protected and environmentally controlled facilities to virtualize your business applications and centralize data storage
  • Secured data with never a question of compromise. Your data remains separate from other Newzware customers and always backed up.

  • Beginning July 2018, hosted SaaS customers subject to specific financial statement audit requirements can upgrade to Newzware Hosted & Examined SaaS ("Newzware H&E SaaS"). Newzware H&E SaaS was created to attract and support customers with financial statement audit requirements, while freeing these users from IT management and audit burdens. Newzware H&E SaaS is available to user entities through a private, secured database. Client software can be applied to their own workstations operating with an internet connection to Newzware H&E SaaS servers.

    Some applications available as SaaS products:

  • Classified Advertising Order Entry
  • Display Advertising Order Entry
  • Circulation Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll
  • Editorial
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